Private Instruction

Individualized guitar and bass instruction

Complete Guitar, Theory and Application

  • Songwriting and Harmony
  • Sight reading, Improvising
  • Accompaniment and Soloing
  • College Guitar Prep- Musicians Institute, Berklee, UNT, USC, etc.

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How long has your current teacher been playing guitar?
Have they written a comprehensive guitar method available nationwide?
How many students have they taught? For how long?
Who have they studied with?
Can they communicate effectively those tough to grasp concepts?

Have they written about it for national music magazines?
Have they performed as a professional musician?
Have they ever made a living at it? For how long?


If you’re looking for the finest in private guitar and bass instruction, you’ve come to the right place. Riley Wilson is also known as “The Gigmeister” for his 12 years plus writing the column of the same name for “Vintage Guitar” magazine. He has been playing guitar since 1966, working as a professional musician since 1972, teaching guitar and bass since 1985 and writing for working professional musicians since 1987. It’s unfair to compare anyone else since few teachers have this kind of real world experience studying, teaching, performing, communicating and writing about guitar.

”I started playing guitar in January, 1966, after bugging my parents for lessons for about six months. I took lessons from three different teachers at a local music store in Lexington, KY. The Beatles and The Beach Boys were the two biggest rock acts then, so I tried learning their material. After about four months, I stopped formal instruction and began teaching myself. Within a few years, I was good enough to perform in church with my father as well as some small neighborhood rock groups. I was making money by my senior year of high school with the guitar and gigged across the country until 1983, when I moved to Los Angeles to attend GIT. This had a profound impact on me and I decided to begin teaching within a year of graduation in 1984. I use many of the GIT approaches to helping students master the guitar, like speed learning, time frames, working with a metronome, slow is fast, etc.I get tremendous satisfaction from helping people reach their goals on the guitar!”

Here is a recent video interview with the folks at Find A Guitar Teacher.

Since 1985, Riley has been one of the nation’s busiest guitar and bass teachers. He’s the author and publisher of “Guitar Made Simpler- An Intelligent Approach, a new book that applies the GIT approach to beginner guitar pedagogy. Past and present students include George Bond (Lakewood Rats, Mirror Image, solo), Jeff Boswell (Guilty Pleasures Band), Mark Keith and Michael Wooten (BlackWatch), Alan Tyler (Tarnished), Tad Walters (Bob Margolin, solo artist) Michael Moore (The Highwaymen) and many others. Today, he still maintains a busy teaching schedule at his state of the art home studio in North Texas. Guitar and bass guitar lessons are available on a limited basis.

Riley employs the latest in teaching curriculum and uses cutting edge software like Garage Band, Guitar Pro, Logic Pro X, Sibelius and Transcribe to ensure students learn quickly and enjoy the process!

Don’t settle for mediocre! If you’ve been looking for the best in learning guitar or bass, contact Riley now!